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Charlie Rogers (he/him) is a gay writer, former photographer and aspiring hermit who lives in New York City, writing the same story over and over, ignoring birds and their portents. He is originally from Beacon, NY, and studied literature at Cornell University for some reason. He's worked as a web designer (not that you'd guess from this site), music producer and a bunch of other regrettable stuff.

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Bull is a Butcher, an android programmed to kill. Every life he takes is a promise to himself to find a way out, a promise he keeps breaking. His kind aren't designed to feel pain… but Bull does. Mix is a Doll, an expensive pleasure droid meant to serve humanity's needs. His best client is a powerful man who dreams of stealing Mix away. But Mix has other plans. Opportunities are scarce in the grimy, neon city torn apart by gang wars. Greedy crime lords control the food supply and every aspect of human or droid life. Both droids are owned by the same ruthless kingpin who intends to use them to consolidate her power by taking down a major rival. Bull and Mix have never met. But they will. This fateful meeting could unlock emotions neither knew they were capable of and shift the power dynamics of the entire city.


Various Accomplishments of QUESTIONABLE Note

LeapFest 2024 Overall - 1st Place

LeapFest Event 1 (2024) - 1st Place - "Judd and Brian Save the World"

NYC Midnight Flash Fiction 2023 - 3nd Honorable Mention - "Delicate Silk, Woven Strands"

NYC Midnight Short Screenplay 2022 - 2nd Place - "Without Music"

ScareFest 2021 Overall - 1st Place

ScareFest Event 3 (2021) - 2nd Place - "Stay in the Van"

Ink2Screen October 2022 - 1st Place - "Teeth"

YeahWrite SuperChallenge #14 (2020) - 2nd Place - "Pick up the Phone"


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